Irrigation System Winterization Service

Irrigation system winterization procedures are essential in preventing costly damage to your system during the cold months. Simply turning off the controller or suspending the programming is NOT enough to protect your system from freezing.
(View our backflow protection video for sudden drops in temperature)

All of our annual service plans include the winterization service, but it may be purchased separately for our non-contract customers. Making It Rain, LLC performs the following procedures during our winterization service:

  • ~ Turn off water to the irrigation system at the source.

  • ~ Remove water from irrigation pipes and lines using an air compressor to ensure complete removal from the system.

    Water being forced from the lines using an air compressor.

    Most companies do not perform this extra step and take the chance of having trapped water freeze within the system.

  • ~ Remove backflow prevention device for you to store safely indoors.

    The backflow prevention device is a mandatory component of your system and ensures contaminated water will not enter our homes and drinking water system. If this device is not removed and receives damage from freezing, it must be repaired or replaced in order for your system to run.

  • ~ Cover ends of pipes left exposed after backflow removal to prevent debris and critters from making a home in your irrigation system.