Irrigation System Testing & Inspections

Making It Rain, LLC is a N. C. Licensed Irrigation Contractor. We will test an existing irrigation system for proper operation and inspect for leaks, functioning sprinkler heads, and check system timer / controller. This service is helpful for potential home buyers. The irrigation system is not part of the standard home inspection. With the responsibility of "Due Diligence" falling on the buyer, it is helpful to have the irrigation system inspected prior to closing to avoid any surprise expenses.

The irrigation system inspection can occur at any time of the year. If the system has already been shut down for the winter months, we will install the backflow preventer, start-up the system, perform the inspection, then shut down the system and remove all water using an air compressor.

Example of Items Tested / Inspected:

~ Backflow preventer visually inspected for leaks at fittings and backflow vent

~ Pressure test the main water line for leaks

~ Check each irrigation zone for leaks, missing/damaged nozzles, broken sprinkler heads, etc.

~ Check for installed rain sensor and test for proper operation

~ Test system controller for functionality

Documentation of All Findings Provided to Both Parties

The complete checklist, showing every item and area inspected, will be provided to both parties along with an estimate to repair any issues found. This documentation can assist both the buyer and seller in a fair negotiation.

If the seller agrees to have Making It Rain LLC perform the recommended repairs, we will provide all necessary images and receipts to the buyer for their records.