Annual Contracts Available for Irrigation Maintenance Services
**It is imperative that the irrigation controller is made accessible for the annual maintenance services on the set date/time. This means in order to be eligible for the annual maintenance plan, you must be willing to either be available on the specified date/time to grant access to Adam, or provide an alternate method if you are unable to be home (such as leaving a door unlocked, hiding a key or garage remote outside, or providing a garage access code). If you are unable to provide access, we will only be able to provide maintenance services on an à la carte basis, meaning you will not be eligible for an annual maintenance plan but will be able to schedule individual services upon request.

***We have a limited number of service contracts available per sign-up period. We are not accepting anymore contracts at this time and may offer them again in January 2023 should we have availability*

All of our annual irrigation service contracts include the following services:

Spring System Start-Up and Inspection:

We will not only start your irrigation system, but also inspect for any damage that may have occurred over the winter and adjust the system for optimal performance. Making these adjustments keeps your system running efficiently and saves you from wasting water and money.
See complete system start-up description and included procedures.

System Winterization:

We take the extra time to remove water from your system using an air compressor, which most companies do not.
See complete system winterization description and included procedures.

Backflow Prevention Device Certification:

Backflow prevention devices are required for irrigation systems and most municipalities require these devices to be certified and inspected annually. We will certify your backflow and submit all necessary paperwork to the city.
See complete backflow certification description.

In addition to excellent service, our contract customers also receive the following benefits:

  • ~ Automatic Priority Scheduling of Start-Up, Backflow Certification, and Winterization Service Visits. We ask that you make sure the irrigation system controller is accessible for the appointment to avoid the need to reschedule. If you are unable to be home and your controller is located in the garage, we ask that you provide a temporary garage access code, hide a garage remote outside, or leave a side door of the garage unlocked. In either case, Adam will secure the property prior to leaving.
  • ~ 24 Hour Emergency Service Availability: We will first attempt to walk you through shutting off the water to provide an immediate solution to most emergencies prior to coming on site.
  • ~ Priority Scheduling: All contract customers receive priority over non-contract and new customers.
  • ~ 10% Discount on Labor Charges Related to Irrigation Services
  • ~ Automatic Opt-out of Town of Cary's Backflow Certification Service (since backflow certification is included with your service plan, we handle everything with the town directly)

Interested in an annual maintenance plan? Contact us for more information.